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Collaboration in a Time of Social Distancing

Collaboration is one of five pillars of #PositiveYouthDevelopment- the approach we use to train our LIT leaders and mentor our younger FYR participants. As we normalize social distancing or even sheltering in place, FYR is LIT wants to inspire you to flow with our current situation rather than resist it, we are committed to embracing the flow- whatever the resources we have. So let’s jump in!

In the upcoming weeks we will explore one of these aspects of PYD with the intentions that you will play along and share with us how this pillar is showing up (or not) and exercised in your corner of the world.

Collaboration, one of the vital tools FYR is LIT uses to guide our programs and partnerships, means developing meaningful relationships across atypical groups to work with more targeted energy and excitement to reach our end goal of connection weaving a love of literacy through arts, culture and community.

This is the time of year when FYR is LIT connects LIT Leaders from #DSST: MTV and #CCBGIV Frederiksted to begin building the content for our annual retreat and FYR kickoff. Doing it virtually has always been the case, but the LIT leaders haven’t always had as much time as they do now to connect.

Our 15 LIT leaders are collaborating as a large group and in smaller groups to spark FYR 2020: Keys to More Opportunities.

Together, yet apart, teens collaborate to empower each other and younger children to reach out and absorb what literature has to offer through zoom calls, workshops, whatapp conversation- you name it- our teens are on it.

How are YOU collaborating at this time, when society is requiring us to stay away- but yet our natural state might yearn for togetherness?

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Musab hasan
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