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Taking Roll Call and YOU are INCLUDED! LIFE HACKS 2020

Stay at home orders, shelter in place, and quarantine! COVID-19 has created unprecedented norms for the last month and FYR is LIT remains committed to engagement and INCLUSION, the second pillar of Positive Youth Development. Inclusion is felt when organizations and program directors do their best to attend to all of the needs of youth while remaining committed to the programs values, morals and purpose. We all have different experiences throughout our shelter in place days and everyone is not on the same page on the same day about wanting to be online or hold calls- but our LIT leaders and participants empathize for moments like that because we practice inclusion.

The silver lining, you are invited to experience a little bit of our spark as we launch our first online series: Life Hacks 2020. This is catered to adolescents, but anyone is invited to join this interactive workshop where we host a guest speaker to share tips, truths and triumphs that help us move with our new normal and transform our world for a society that we want beyond this pandemic.

We just ask that you commit to our practice of inclusion by joining us in:

- Celebrations, small and large, so everyone knows they belong

- Listening actively to others & sharing your experience

- Practicing empathy and patience, come on try on that shoe…walk around in it

- Everyone counting, all the time

- Continually growing in the space we create

- Cultivating space for joy and connection to overcome fear

- Staying in touch so we know the individuals

- Humor…laughter is amazing medicine

FYR is LIT is PUMPED to embark in this new workshop series, we thrive in COLLABORATION and INCLUSION. Our theme this year is ACCESS to OPPORTUNITIES through NETWORK CREATION. Join us in making the best of this shelter in place! Meet new people, laugh plenty, and break out of your comfort zone while finding yourself in our shrinking world.

Connect with us.

LIFE HACKS 2020 Series to launch Friday, May 8th. Get on our email list to learn more.

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