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A Hybrid Literacy Empowerment & Leadership Development Program

We meet youth where they are and help them develop into what they want to be for our world.

We inspire youth to read literature for enjoyment, learning and empowerment.

We foster conversation across generations, cultures and communities.


Welcome to FUELING YOUTH READING IS LEADERS IN TRAINING! We are a unique hybrid Literacy & Leadership Program that focuses on individual development while also helping participants build relationships and understanding in their community,  FYR is LIT helps participants find their unique place in the world. 


  • Activates cultural exchanges for high school & college students to engage in cross-cultural leadership development.

  • Equips teens to mentor and teach literacy to lower elementary students using the Orton-Gillingham approach.

  • Empowers participants thru the activation of art based programming and participatory action research to develop a local and global community that is compassionate and inclusive. 

  • Explores current themes all communities are impacted by: environmental sustainability, healthy communities and leadership development to name a few.

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