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10 Things to help your youngster read

10. Use crisp pointing: when reading, be sure to point to each individual word as you move through the text.

9. Talk about the pictures and images before you read.

8. Talk about the pictures and images after you read the text, did the child infer correctly?

7. Allow them to pick out books at the library, if you don't have a library nearby, create a book at home and let them dictate the story.

6. Keep books and things to read at their eye level.

5. Recite the alphabet, write the alphabet and other common words (days of the week, months of the year, members of their family).

4. Allow them to stumble through the word before you rescue them and read it for them.

3. Play games with the alphabet, have them put a group of scrambled letters in order

LIT leader using crisp pointing while a FYR participant follows along.


2. Find letters in the world around you.

1. Let them see you reading books.

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